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RRP ProGuard Front

RRP ProGuard Front


  • Versatile design fits most forks
  • Reduce time spent cleaning
  • Prolong the life of your fork between services


The RRP ProGuard Front is designed to keep water and mud out of your eyes and off your clothes as well as helping to protect your fork stanchions and wiper seals from getting hammered by mud, dirt and water at high velocity from your front wheel. This helps to minimise cleaning post ride and maximise intervals between services.

  • Versatile design allows for easy fitment on a huge range of forks
  • Tough polypropylene construction for years of service
  • Indent for fork braces gives 4mm extra tyre clearance
  • Only suitable for bikes with disc brakes
  • Max Protection size is 21mm longer at the front and 68mm longer at the rear

Constructed from a thick Polypropylene material, the ProGuard features 24 snap-off crown holes that offer a massive amount of fitting options, so you can easily fit the guard to most suspension forks. The secure side arms prevent the guard from moving and also help to provide extra protection for your forks wiper seals, keeping them cleaner and lasting longer. The ProGuard also features an indent to create 4mm of additional tyre clearance. The Max Protection version of the guard is perfect for extremely wet conditions, with 21mm of extra protection at the front and 68mm at the rear keeping the crud at bay. The ProGuard is supplied with 6 zip ties for easy installation. Light, easy to fit and offering excellent protection, the RRP ProGuard is perfect for keeping the spray and mud out of your eyes during wet winter rides.


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