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Bluegrass Legit Carbon Mips helmet 2020


Bluegrass Legit Carbon Mips helmet 2020


Legit Carbon – a full-face Helmet for Downhill, Enduro and BMX

The Bluegrass Legit Carbon is the premium race-day full-face helmet. Developed for competitions, it exceeds all of the certifications for racing Downhill and Enduro.

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Race Construction
The Legit Carbon uses a carbon fiber outer shell paired with a multi-impact EPS liner to achieve the finest blend of high impact performance and low weight.

Vents and air channeling are optimised for all day park sessions. The two large exhausts work in synergy with the EPS channels, keeping you cool at both high and low speed.

Safety-release visor system
The Legit features a flexible safety-release visor to avoid twisting of the neck in impacts from any angle.

Breathable chin guard
The ASTM certified chin guard hosts three wide vents that allow you to breathe easily.

Hearing vents
Helping riders hear better, maintain balance and hit their optimum performance levels.

Snap-in padding
The Legit Carbon is suitable for all head shapes and sizes, thanks to its meticulously refined internal shaping. The comfort is boosted even more by the snap-in padding.

Durability and quality are enhanced by an injected PU foam paired with the chin guard an three polycarbonate shells strategically moulded on the EPS liner.


  • Composite Carbon outer shell with EPS liner.
  • In mould polycarbonate shells.
  • Chin guard injected foam lining.
  • MIPS-E2® Brain Protection System.
  • Safety-release visor system.
  • Anti-twisting flexible visor.
  • 15 Vents.
  • Breathable chin guard.
  • Hand washable, snap-in padding.
  • Removable, hand washable straps covers.
  • MX style straps.
  • Double-D Buckle.
  • Durable helmet case with goggle pocket.
  • Inflatable emergency release system compatible.
  • Neck brace compatible.
  • Goggle compatible.
  • Includes zippered helmet bag.


  • CE EN1078


MIPS Brain Protection

MIPS is a low friction layer inside the helmet which allows the head to rotate relatively to the helmet in an angled impact. This substantially reduces rotational violence and the potential for damage to the brain. Collaborating with some of the world’s leading neurosurgeons and experts, MIPS® has established that when you fall, your head most often hits the ground at an angle, creating a rotational shock to the brain. This rotational shock can cause strain in your brain. A helmet with MIPS® absorbs much of that rotational energy, offering you better protection. And if, against all the odds, you do fall vertically onto your head, a helmet with MIPS® will protect you just as well as an ordinary helmet.

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